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Book review: Barolo.

The author’s enthusiasm of Barolo and Piedmontese food is infectious. As you read this book, you feel as if you are there walking the narrow, ancient, cobblestone streets of Montforte d’Alba, La Morra, Serralunga d’Alba, and the town of Barolo.

You can actually picture vineyards that produce nebbiolo, the only grape used for making Barolo, harvesters, the winemakers, and how they revere their world-famous wine.

But this is not the only subject of Barolo. The author successfully depicts life in small town Piedmont, how the town butcher and bakery employees act and react to customers, and foreigners.

He also most effectively describes Turin’s Gourmet Fair, and how the society of Slow Food was established in the small town of Bra and spread all over the world in a short 20 years.

Italians love their food. They look for taste, and reject tasteless products. Years ago, the Italian government knew how US cattle were pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Since then the Italian government has prohibited the import of American beef.

The author is in love with the scenery in Barolo, he walked the narrow highways, and worked in a vineyard to pick grapes and helped the winemaker. He slept in a tent in the garden of a hotel whose kindly proprietor he met by accident.

He also loves food, and knows the difference between good and tasteless food. To find out how Piedmontese cook, he volunteered to work in a small restaurant just to find out what makes their food so tasty.

More than anything else this excellent book was written with love, and from “within” by a young author who grew up in the food industry starting from dishwashing, to become sous-chef, then sommelier, eventually a menu consultant, then owner of catering business, and now is assistant professor of writing.

This is an excellent book to read by anyone who is interested in food, wine and travelling.

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