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Book Review: Best food writing 2011

In 2000 Da Capo management decided to start the Lifelong book series featuring the best articles of that year.

Holly Hughes was hired to vet all articles submitted and to group them.

I first discovered the 2013 edition (see my review in this publication) and liked the concept and selection very much. I then asked the publicists to mail me 2011, 2012, and 2015.

Once again, the editor has artfully selecting outstanding pieces written by famous authors and grouped them under – Foodways, Home Cooking, Stocking the pantry,

Food Fights, Guilty Pleasures, Someone’s in the Kitchen, and Personal Tastes.

In this year’s selection you will find informative articles that reveal a lot about American eating habits, trends, food retailing, the foods of countries outside the U S A, restaurants in Venice, food philosophy, as well as excellent writing.

Colman Andrew’s article about Venetian food depicts the love of locals and how chefs think and cook. It is revealing and mouth watering.

The article about a small dairy in Vermont explains how “big” companies have managed to dominate milk production ad distribution. Yet small enterprises with the help of the local population can fight to protect farmers, and preserve small dairies and continue to enjoy flavourful milk.

Small dairy farmers who strive to maintain a few cows produce tastier milk than that of “big” conglomerates driven solely by profit.

The article on oyster contains as much information as you will probably never find anywhere else.

This edition presents a veritable feast for the senses and is filled with humour, politics, and outrageous trend spotting. All articles are timeless and should delight you now, as they did when the book was published in 2012.

Highly recommended

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