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Book Review: Best food writing 2014

Best Food Writing 2014 contains an exceptional collection epicurious writing of outstanding writers, and cooks with fine writing talent.

The editor selected from thousands of submissions, the best created by 49 outstanding, food-loving writers.

The result of this rigorous selection will thrill you as a variety of food topics are discussed, including American eating habits, trends, food production, cooking and much else.

Some articles will grab your attention and heartstrings. Included is a sad tale of a poor family who has to travel miles to buy food including pickled baloney and other junk food. A few articles explore how people become addicted to junk food, and ruin their health in the process, others lament the unexplainable habit of Americans always wanting new food flavours or textures, or ingredients.

Who knew that sun-dried tomatoes, a Sicilian specialty, would become famous for a few years, and then fade. Another one is the toast in its various incarnations.

Pizza is an exception. It was introduced by Italian immigrants and has now become one of the most popular fast-food specialties, next to the bellowed hamburger. American pizza looks and tastes different than the original Italian version.

America is a big land, comprised of many nationalities that brought with them their culinary traditions and ingredients. When Columbus first arrived in North American waters, several Spanish clergy were with him recoding their findings. They and their descendents later discovered many foods unknown to Europeans, including potatoes and tomatoes, not to mention cocoa or quinoa or pineapple.

Well-researched and erudite articles span the globe and palate, a delight to read by anyone who likes and values imaginative writing. Food connoisseurs are likely to appreciate all articles.

The article on how to boil water may have been writing in jest to mock some of the cooking-illiterate people, but will thrill as well as amaze you.

Some of the essays are thought provoking, and others moving, but all are absolutely terrific in their variety and scope.

I am looking forward to the 2015 edition.

Highly recommended.


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