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Book Review: Best food writing 2015

If you love food and food writing, this book is a must read. Even if you just love good writing, it should be on your to-do list.

As always, the editor has done an excellent job curating articles that you have most likely not read, even though you are an avid reader.

There are vital, provocative, funny, informative, and “tender” articles about food and American food habits, practices, processing, distribution, buying, and consuming.

The first article The Perfect Best informs readers that, if we want to “save” the world, we must all turn vegetarian, since animal husbandry uses more energy to produce one unit of calorie several more  ( i.e for chicken 9000 calories to yield 1000 calories worth of flesh; 11,000  for pork, and 36,000 for beef). Each cow produces annually the equivalent amount of GHG (green house gases) as a car that has been driven for 9375 miles.

The idea of pop-up restaurants dreamed up by e few, talented and ambitious west coast chefs seems to have gained a foothold in at least large American cities, that allows gourmets and gourmands alike to indulge in adventurous, imaginative and affordable gastronomic delights.
This idea may soon gain sufficient popularity to spread all over North America, if not in Europe and other continents.

Maverick wine guru Tim Hanni’s article on matching food and wine is worth thinking about and may change your idea about pairing food and wine.

Each and every article in these superbly selected articles contains valuable information that will
make you think about what you put in your mouth, and how food production has changed, at least in industrialized countries, and how it affects your health and wallet.

This edition has something for connoisseurs, story fans, and anyone who likes reading. Browse, read and article or two, and then head for the kitchen.

The last article by famous food-author and former chef Anthony Bourdain, tells the story of his youth in a beach-town where he enjoyed walks with his father. He now takes nature walks with his daughter who he loves, since he wants her to share in thr joys of simple pleasures.

Highly recommended.

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