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Book Review: Better off dead

The author served fro 32 years in the military and had six overseas missions under his belt, including one year in Sarajevo.

After his retirement from active service due to PTSD, he was employed as a civilian peer support coordinator, assisting soldiers and veterans with their “service related” psychological injuries.

In this “eye-opening” boo, he tells how mental “injuries” changed their lives and the lives of their families, and how many think of suicide, and how many actually commit it.

It is easy for governing politicians to send soldiers into war zones to fight or keep peace, if there is peace, but very few think of the aftermath of foreign combat missions.

Often, according to the author, several soldiers suffer from PTSD, particularly since their mission if not to defend their own country, but a faraway jurisdiction, long beset by tribal acrimony, and lacking government control of any sort.

Added to that, religious differences, and you have the making of long-lasting, almost impossible problems of governance, as recent wars of Iraq, and Afghanistan clearly show.

It is unfortunate that the armed forces administration has shown little interest in supporting “mentally injured” soldiers.

The author tells eloquently, some of their stories and how he helped them to come to terms with their issues.

A very informative, revealing, and interesting book, every soldier should read before he/she decides to accept participation in a mission.

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