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Book Review: Big Money

Americans believe in a democracy of their making. In the country of plenty, only a tiny elite really matters, and it big money!

The author is not referring to millions, but billions.

Both Democrat and republican billionaires who get rich on the backs of countless middle class families, and operating casinos (both in the U.S.A and abroad), donate millions to the presidential campaign and hep elect the politician who fits their definition of America.

If you want to discover the future of American democracy, follow the footsteps of – Charles and David Koch (billionaire wine-loving brothers), Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sheldon Adelson (multibillionaire casino operator), Ken Langone are only a few that come to mind.

The author, an investigative journalist, has written an eye-opening, detailed and entertaining book after attending numerous gatherings where the ultra-rich convene to listen to fund-raisers and write cheques amounting to millions. He was politely, sometimes not so politely, escorted out of some such gatherings. Multi billionaires shy away from reporters and photographers.

The present president himself stated that he might be the last president elected by grass-root fund-raising.

The author makes cleat in this extremely well researched book that only people who can raise enough funds can be elected president. For that matter any high-power political office falls into the domain of successful fund raising.

The foundation of American democracy is money!

It is a wake up call to all voters, who still believe that they can make a difference.

No nation in the world goes through so much negative advertising during a presidential or politically important campaign.

Radio- and TV stations depend on income from such advertising.

This is a riveting, revealing, and shocking book that every American must read to understand the inner workings of American-style democracy.

Highly recommended.

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