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Book Review: And No Birds Sang.

Farley Mowat, a lover of nature and animals, is considered one of the literary icons of Canadian literature. He is an outspoken writer with an admirable character to say what is on his mind, however politically damaging it may be.

And No Birds Sang is a devastating memoir of World War II, to which eh volunteered, but learned how war, any war, small or large, ravages a country and cerates hardship for millions of innocent people.

He was assigned, after a brief stay in England, to the Sicilian front, and then to southern Italy, where he witnessed the tragedy of human and animal suffering.

His writing is at times haunting, maddening, frightening, and hilarious.

He deplores how innocent civilians suffered hunger and were deprived of basic human comforts, but he is devastated at how much more, animals suffered during shelling, and all the violence that takes place during wars.

His description of a few German soldiers in southern Italy tells the story that even some of them were fighting against their will.

This is a plea for peace by writing about the atrocities of war, and the publisher has rendered a great service world wide to all readers that no one must ever forget what wars do to the human psyche, how they change the way pf thinking during and after hostilities.

Highly recommended to all pacifists and politicians who ultimately trigger wars at the expense of soldiers without considering their suffering, and those of animals.

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