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Book Review: The body on the T

The author, born and bred in Newfoundland, the inventor of sergeant Windflower, has managed to write a criminal mystery set in a corner of the Island that most Canadians know but not in detail.

The novel has a well thought out plot, a winning sleuth figure, and air of charming cheerfulness.

Mike martin manages to blend Newfoundland gastronomy and beautiful setting masterfully, including the nearby island of St. Pierre et Miquelon that is French territory, and often used by smugglers of alcohol, cigarettes, and now illicit drugs.

It is fun to read The Body On The T with characters from western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland.

His culinary descriptions are intriguing, to say the least – porridge, thick molasses bread smothered in partridgeberry jam.

Partridgeberries abundantly grow on the Island.

Sergeant Windflower, a Cree and RCMP officer seems to enjoy his working life on Grand Bank. His private life with the owner of Mug-Up Cafe infuses a little liveliness to the police investigations of death and mayhem.

The plot moves fast, the writing is fluid, and events unfold in unexpected ways.

Highly entertaining, and highly recommended.
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