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Book Review: Boston.

Boston, along with New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans are the most interesting cities of the U S A, and each deserves a full guidebook to be able to explore it adequately.

The author deals with the history of Boston and how it influenced the creation of the U S A.

Her approach in explaining the city and each part involves sites, transportation to and from eateries, accommodations, and entertainment.

After downtown waterfront district, the following parts are dealt with – Cambridge, Charleston, West- and North End, Beacon Hill, and Boston Common, Back Bay, Seaport District, South End, and China Town, Kenmore Square and Streetcar Suburbs.

Several small maps and one large one are helpful to anyone navigating the city on foot, by public transportation or car.

Several pictures help the reader to understand how and what Bostonians appreciate most in their daily lives.

Anyone planning to visit the U S A, and Boston would benefit greatly from this well-researched and organized book.

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