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Book Review: Boun Appetito Toronto!

The Italian Chamber Of Commerce Inc., created an outstanding book telling the story of Italian cuisines in Toronto.

The narrative starts with an article about introduction and evolution of Italian cuisines in Toronto, written by the publisher and editor of the Foodservice ice and Hospitality magazine.

This article is followed by Tony Aspler’s article about Italian wines and how the L C B O stores operated at the turn of the 19th century to 20th.

Following these two articles the editor conducted interviews with Toronto’s Italian restaurateurs, food importers, owners of bakeries, bars, cafés and grocery stores.

All of the interviews shed light on what each entrepreneur accomplished and how Torontonians have benefited from their enterprises, efforts, and know how.

While in the 1970’s L C B O offered very few Italian wines, buying wine in general involved filling out a form and giving it to the clerk who would retries the wine from the backroom and handed it over to you in a brown paper bag; today there is a relatively large selection of Italian wines on the general list. Vintages bi-weekly releases included several upscale Italian wines.

Interviews reveal a great deal of information about Italian food in general, and in Toronto in particular.

If thou like tasty food and frequent restaurants, this book is an excellent guide, not only about upscale dining rooms, but also mid-priced pizzerias, bars, cafes, trattorias and other Italian inspired food establishments.

The photography is exemplary.

If you like bread, a visit to Commisio Italian Bakery (two Toronto locations) will satisfy your cravings, and Continental Noodles (three locations) offer fresh pastas.

Italians love their specialties, and wherever they travel or settle. Entrepreneurs among them open restaurants and cater to those who favour Italian foods, but also immigrants with roots in Calabria, Rome, Tuscany, and Lombardy.

This is an excellent book on the culinary evolution of Toronto, in particular, of Italian food, and specialties.

Highly recommended.


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