Book Reviews

Book Review: Brain on Fire.

The author, a cub reporter with a major New York daily newspaper, tells her story of a brain disease and her experiences in hospitals, with doctors, and nurses. She writes vividly about her family’s and her boy friend’s support during her harrowing mouth of suffering.

The symptoms of her disease – a mixture of physical weakness, mental paranoia, violence, and psychosis, make diagnosis very difficult, until a Syrian doctor decides to treat her with a multifaceted approach and saves her from becoming a permanent cripple.

Being a journalist, she writes beautifully and engagingly, but more importantly her medical research to reconstruct her “month of trouble” stands out.

She displays an extra talent in explaining complex medical issues in simple terms.

This is an insightful, succinct, educational boo k that everyone ought to read and understand the effects of medicine and learn how doctors diagnose disease by analysing symptoms.

For most people, medicine is pure science; in actual fact it is art and science! A doctor must be able to interpret a patient’s explanations, examine evidence, and then decide what type of treatment to prescribe.

This is a fascinating book that the reader feels compelled to turn page after page.

Highly interesting, revealing, educational, and highly recommended.