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Book Review: Breakfast in Burgundy

The author loves wine, but more importantly he loves Burgundy in particular. So much so that he decided to buy a house in the heart of the fabled wine region.

This is a heartfelt book written by an erudite and knowledgeable writer who reveals the soul of Burgundian vignerons.

If you ever travel to Burgundy and talk to vignerons or chefs, you will immediately discern their philosophy of life as Raymond Blake captured perfectly in Breakfast In Burgundy.

This dazzling narrative makes the reader laugh, hungry, thirsty (for flavourful wine) and yearn to travel the “the belly of France – Burgundy”.

Make sure to have detailed viticultural map of Burgundy next to this book so as to better understand both the geography and topography, especially if you have never visited the region.

The author writes about history, food, Burgundian farmer’s markets, vignerons, French retailing and craftsman.

He also writes about his neighbours just to inform you what you can expect if you decide to buy a house there, as many Americans have done. They claim to love the serenity of the landscape and the Burgundian lifestyle.

Breakfast In Burgundy is a novel of affection, love, and a glorious guide to life well lived.

This is a perfect book for those wishing to discover or re-discover this treasured wine region of France, and world!

The author balanced wit, charm, and emotion masterfully to deliver a remarkable picture of French rural life, its gastronomy, French gastronomic terms, and even urges you to look up a few uncommon terms.

Raymond Blake hints to the fact that the Bordelaise show their impeccably maintained estates, but Burgundians love to delight their guests with their food and hospitality.

This is a book you must buy, read, re-read, study, treasure, and use it as a reference if you like Burgundian wine, if you are planning to visit the region, or you may simply want to read a book that is well written, informative, and entertaining.

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