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Book Review: A call to action

Former president Jimmy Carter presented in this book, valuable information about undeniable findings in connection with genocide, unequal treatment of women in life and work place, blocking opportunities in China, India, and many Middle Eastern countries.

He also exposes US sex trade, which is a tremendous eye opener. Although he is a devout Christian, he laments Vatican’s complicity in covering up abuse of innocent children by clergy.

Carter attributes the horrendous and sickening practice of genital mutilation of young girls in some African countries to ignorance, and blames leaders of remote communities who ensure that the population remains isolated from vital information to put an end to this abominable ritual.

In this honest and courageous book, president Carter does not shy away from criticizing the US government when it failed to pass laws to encounter injustices both at home or internationally to at least control human trafficking,

He succeeds in less than 200 pages of text to provide an excellent overview of the most serious cases of the violations of women’s rights, and at the same time suggests drafting laws to prevent them.

He and his wife founded a charitable organization to help the helpless and oppressed in many underdeveloped countries. Both still travel to remote villages to determine whether and how their organization can help the oppressed populations,

The last chapter of the book contains 23 points outlining his ideas on how equality can be achieved.

Highly recommended.

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