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Book Review: Campus Confidential.

Both authors, one an experienced professor, the other a retired professor have created along overdue book, that must be read every parent, and teen thinking about university education.

There are several important points that authors make, and practically all are very valid.

The first and probably most important being – not everyone needs a university education which is expensive, and if not chosen with due care can be useless. Thousands of graduates with psychology, or other humanity degrees cannot find meaningful jobs. Practically all go to a college to learn a marketable skill. The shortage of skilled workers forces the government to advertise for immigrants with much needed skills and expertise.

University education is expensive and will get even more expensive. Many graduates try to enter the job market with a considerable debt load.

Canada has too many universities in wrong locations, which forces administrators to advertise just to fill classrooms. All universities are government funded on a per student basis; consequently administrators try to keep as many students in programmes even if some fail to meet even minimum requirements of academia.

Parents pay twice; once for the tuition, and all related expenses, and then through their taxes.

There are many universities that accept students with insufficient English or French literacy.

High school teachers are often too generous with marks and their curricula often fail to prepare students for university education.

Imagine a university student to be aghast when asked to conduct research beyond textbooks! There are thousands of such students across the country.

Both authors refute the notion that university education id key to success and national prosperity. This was never the case; It is a factor to be taken into consideration when thinking of a career.

Ultimately the authors conclusively state that for a student to be successful, parents must be involved and inquire about homework and progress.

Ultimately, the good professors recommend and suggest a new model for funding and changing several programmes and courses.

This is a must read book for all parents and teenagers thinking about university education as well as all high school counsellors.

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