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Book Review: Capitol Punishment.

Jack Abramoff was once, the most famous, notorious, and best paid lobbyist in Washington D.C. He used bill some of his clients

$ 150 000.00 a month, but in this tell-all book, he states that the benefits organizations or companies derived from his efforts far surpassed what they paid.

The author unequivocally makes clear that most senators he lobbied were eager after the wined and dined them (in his own restaurant) and arranged for all expense-paid “study trips” to “help” him.

They were happy to “help” his lobbyist employees to achieve success, but he claims that the American political system allows existing practices to continue because lawmakers intentionally provide loopholes in all their laws.

This autobiographical expose unveils not only the convoluted, but also deeply corrupt system in which he so successfully operate and made millions.

Once the politicians who eagerly received his “gifts” decided that he outlived his usefulness, then turned on him, and using all the powers of influence, implicated him ensuring his conviction and incarceration.

His autobiography is interesting, but could have been a little shorter, and accusations of politicians could or should have been in greater detail.

His meetings with Mrs. Marcos, and her revelations to him are stunning, and were never reported by the media. It seems that the media failed to report the good deeds that her late husband accomplished for Philippinos.

The writing is witty, educational, and scorchingly honest.

According to Abramoff, the author, perks for politicians are legal, but money is not. He used this to his advantage.

Some people will feel the book is self serving, but this reviewer feels every American citizen should read this book carefully, and before voting, enquire from each politically inspired individual running for office, exactly what he/she plans to do while in office and emphasise that the electorate will hold him/her accountable for broken promises.

A fascinating book that should be in every home, and public library, not only in the U.S.A, but everywhere else, for no doubt most politicians everywhere are as corrupt, if not, more so.

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