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Book Review: The Cellist of Sarajevo

This is a book that delivers a gripping story and haunting story.

Sarajevo was under intense pressure of war when Yugoslavia started to fall apart and exploded in civil war.

All wars cerate untold psychological and physical damage, but the siege of Sarajevo was particularly tragic as Croats killed other Croats.

The author was inspired by the cellist Vedran Smailovis who decided to play at the same spot for 22 days at the same time when a mortar attack killed 22 innocent citizens of Sarajevo.

The story shows how human beings can be rational and irrational, good and evil, wise and stupid, great and infinitely small at times, especially during wars.

The author manages to convey a stark and poignant picture of Sarajevo and how its citizens behaved with courage, and the tragedy of life during the siege.

The cellist of Sarajevo is mesmerizing and inflaming at the same time.

Highly recommended.

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