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Book Review: Censored 2013.

In this highly revealing book the authors and many researchers present in five clusters what the main Stream media either very fleetingly or not at all publishes.

The five clusters deal with

The Police State and Civil Liberties

From Bankster Bailout to Blessed Unrest

Environment and Health

Human Costs and Violence

Women And Race

It is disturbing to learn that FBI agents orchestrate terrorist plots, thwart them, and claim credit for their performance.

I have for long suspected that the “corporate media” is censored or at least “controlled”, not by official fiat, but by advertising funds in the printed media which cannot survive without an advertising money stream.

This book is must read for all Americans, and those in other developed countries. For a long time, western governments complained about heavy soviet censorship b monopolizing media by fore, but all were doing it by other means.

Then there is the public relations factor which often convincingly presents “facts” that actually prove to be the opposite, and to the detriment of the public at large. For years scientists have warned about the adverse effects on brains by cell phones, and every time a short report is broadcast, the public relations spokesman of cell phone manufacturers association inundates the media with reports with claims to the contrary.

A few years ago, an English professor stated feeding cows with excrement harms them and their meat. This professor was seen on TV once, and only briefly! He was silenced.

N. Chomsky`s speech printed on page 337 is highly revealing and proves how devious minds in control change or invent new words to deceive the public.

Censored 2013 is an important watchdog showing how the corporate media hides facts and figures when it is in its interest.

This meticulously footnoted book contains facts that the public needs to know because ignorant, arrogant and stupid people in power should not know, but needs to know.

Buy it, read it, and act on it.

Highly recommended.