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Book review: Cheese – A Collection of Sweet and Savory Recipes.

Interest in cheese has made monumental progress in North America and continues to grow. In recent past consumers only knew about “manufactured” cheddar, and maybe a few other mainstream cheeses, but today, many easily distinguish between authentic cheddar from England, and wannabies produced elsewhere in the world. The same is true for Brie, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Emmenthal, and many others that were very popular.

The author owns a farm in southern France, and produces cheese. She knows the intricacies of cheese, cheese making, and can judge quality.

Maren Caruso, the photographer, has done an admirable job with photography. You an actually frame many of her pictures and decorate your kitchen walls for inspiration.

The book starts with a brief history of cheese, classification of cheese (fresh, natural, soft-ripened, semisoft, washed-rind, semifirm, hard and blue). After each type, examples are provided for guidance.

The author also discusses wine and cheese pairing, beer and cheese, and the advantages of the cheese course in a meal.

The above is followed with a myriad of recipes containing cheese. Each one of

these recipes will provide endless eating pleasure, but only if you buy the cheese specified and follow the recipe literally.

Of course you can use the chapter on serving accompaniments and the list of artisanal cheeses to plan your next wine and cheese party. It is easy, elegant and enjoyable to organize parties that require little work, and above all, which people enjoy.

There are many books on cheese, but this one stands above all with regard to recipes – the way it is presented.

An excellent book for your reading and eating pleasure and highly recommended.

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