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Book Review: China goes global.

The author is one of the world’s leading experts on China. He has been visiting the country annually since 1979, and has witnessed how its economy evolved, once late Deng Xiaoping successfully implemented his economic revolution.

Ever since then China’s economy has been outperforming almost all others in

the world with regard to annual growth.

In China, Shambaugh met, interviewed, and discussed with many prominent Chinese scholars and quotes. Up to this publication, authors generally preferred to quote anonymously, but he decided with consent of each to attribute their thoughts.

Economically, China has become an important player on world markets, but without “soft power” and influence.

The stated policy by politicians is tat the government is only interested in peace (internal and external), prosperity and co-operation with other countries.

The government spends more on internal security than on the military, and which is considerable.

The author provides a splendid overview of growth of China’s growing economic power in the world, and contributions to the UN peacekeeping forces, and to policing dangerous waterways for commercial shipping.

This is a very well researched, written, and detailed book that every western politician, political scientist, political science students, and ordinary citizen with and interest in world politics must read, then draw conclusions

David Shambaugh states that China’s influence in world politics is limited and Chinese leaders deliberately try to avoid ostentatious displays of politics on the world stage.

Chinese invest in countries and continents whose raw materials they need, and are not afraid to invest in enterprises they deem to have potential.

Thousands of Chinese students study abroad (USA and the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada are preferred countries) on government expense, and equally through financial support by rich families. Interestingly enough, thousands of students from many other countries study in Chinese universities.

It is worthwhile to note that while China has the largest foreign currency reserves in the world, the government still seeks to exploit the international monetary aid system by obtaining loans from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

China Goes Global is a very informative book that everyone interested in politics must read.

Highly recommended.

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