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Book Review: Choclatique.

In the last decade chocolate has become an important delicacy in North America, especially for women.

The author created a truly outstanding book with a strongly authoritative text, plus superb recipes that can be duplicated by anyone with a little cooking practice.

He emphasises ganache as an important contributor to most recipes and provides five basic ganache recipes that are easy to master.

Cookbooks are not just about recipes, those that are truly great combine excellent presentation, photography and valuable information. This book excels in all of these criteria. The writing is humorous, entertaining and informative, it contains personal

experiences in different countries and which makes it even more interesting.

Each recipe includes a list of all the equipment required for its production, and connection to seek more electronic information if needed.

For those allergic to gluten, or those who are vegan and allergic to dairy, the author provides gluten- and dairy-free recipes.

The only shortcoming of the book is the absence of temperatures in centigrade, but an extensive conversion table is provided at the end.

A handy chocolate glossary enlightens readers regarding terminology, and a timeline of chocolate history and innovation are excellent sources of information for chocoholics.

Anyone who works with chocolate will benefit from the recipes, and those who love chocolate will find it fascinating.

Highly recommended!