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Book Review: Complete Curry Cookbook.

Curry is enjoyed throughout the world, from India, to Indonesia, to the Caribbean, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA.

The word curry has several favourable meanings, but its most frequent usage in the west is to encompass and by synonymous with Indian cuisine. Yet Indian cuisine is very local and highly articulated. An Indian family will never buy curry powder, but will get all the necessary ingredients and mix them for the meals planned daily.

Most Indian recipes are labour intensive, but not the cooking itself. It can be described a la minute like restaurant cooking.

All ingredients are prepared, and ready to cook. When the order arrives, or service called for, all ingredients are put together and cooked. Of course, there are exceptions. Some recipes call for long simmering.

One could claim that Indian cooks, long ago, invented stewing and of these stews. Curry in one of the most important flavouring ingredients.

The recipes in this well illustrated book are logically divided into soups, salads and followed with condiments, poultry, beef, pork, lamb, goat, fish and seafood, vegetarian dishes, vegetables, rice and noodles, breads, pancakes and samosas.

You will notice desserts are missing. Indians much prefer fresh seasonal fruit at the end of a meal.

Coffee is rarely served, but sweet tea mixed with plenty of milk.

Indian produces and uses more milk than the USA. For protein, poultry, lamb, goat, and seafood are preferred. Pork and beef are available, but in most cases, stringy and tough.

The variety of breads of the Indian cuisine is staggering and very delicious. Some of the recipes for naan, chapati, chickpea flatbread, and masala dosa are easy, but require time.

You can try to produce them, but you can also buy many mentioned above from specialized purveyors in large North American cities with sufficiently large Indian and Caribbean populations.

Byron Ayanoglu travelled in India several times and contributed three articles (Bombay, Lucknow, and Northern India) each of which describes vividly how well you can eat, and what you should eat in India.

This is an excellent book for those who value tasty food and love to cook.

Highly recommended.

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