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Book Review: Cornered.

Cornered is packed with inspiring and hilarious inside accounts from Ron MacLean’s (the host of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada) early days, as a part time radio announcer and meteorologist in Red Deer, Alberta, to his time hosting Battle of the Blades, the Olympics and Hockey Night in Canada, all very popular broadcasts of Canada’s national TV broadcaster.

He tells tales of some of the most famous Canadian hockey players and his Hockey Night in Canada co-host Don Cherry.

In this fast-paced book, there is a wealth of information regarding behind-the-scenes happenings that TV programs never air.

The interaction with his co-host Don Cherry is informative, and for hockey fans, thrilling.

Several pages of pictures, interspersed within the book, reveal how the author grew up and has managed to become famous in Canada and northern parts of the USA.

His rapport with Don Cherry helped him to his fame, but all of this failed to transform him to a hockey snob. He truly loves the game, and has absolutely phenomenal memory to retain all the details of the hockey games he commented on.

He has successfully woven into the narrative a lot of broadcasting detail that viewers would appreciate knowing.

The book is not only about hickey. The narrative also contains stories that would be of interest to sports fans in general, and those who like to know how TV programmes are produced and aired.

This is a book primarily for hockey fans, as well those who like to know more about the national sport of Canada.

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