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Book review: Courage and Consequence.

Karl Rove was one of the most cited personalities of the Bush administrates, and credited with the feat of helping, more correctly orchestrating, the re-election of his benefactor.

The American media accused him of many behind the scenes shenanigans. After he resigned in 207, he decided to write Courage and Consequence to defend himself and his legacy.

The book starts with his youth and describes in sufficient detail how he grew up in a family that moved several times before settling in Texas.

He is, according to his detractors and himself, the ultimate political insider who manages to raise funds, analyse voter mood, designs strategies, and ensures that his ideas come to fruition.

He managed to launch G.W. Bush to national renown by unseating a popular democratic Texas governor and orchestrated a White House win at a time when the American electorate had very little or no reason to elect a republican president.

K. Rove explains in his inimitable writing style how he succeeded in achieving his objectives, and in the process also sheds unprecedented light into White House politics, disagreements, intrigues, and how the American political system works.

He is the political insider who has informed and advised the American president behind the scenes to decide about warfare, handling the 9/11 and much more.

During his tenure, he was accused by the American media to have triggered scandals, which according to him, had nothing to do with his behaviour or deeds, yet he had to endure several hours of grand jury questioning.

Courage and Consequence is a must read book for every American politician, past, present, and future, and tells how to select professional political fundraisers, strategists, and advisors to remain in the post and be re-elected.

The book is long but very well documented. He seems to have kept detailed notes in his dairy and has a phenomenal memory for names, details and analysis. He has never run for office, but ahs helped several politicians to get elected and re-elected.

In this tell-all book, he outlines what he did, and how did it.

Highly recommended.

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