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Book Review: Crazy Town

This highly intrusting book written by a Toronto Star (Canada’s largest circulation newspaper) captivates the reader from the first page to the last

It tries to explain how a politician can keep his addiction and criminal activity hidden for so long while in elected office. For that matter, how he could be elected as the mayor of the largest city in Canada

His background was known while he was running for the mayor’s position. His predecessor’s inept handling of a major city worker strike may have contributed to his success, coupled with excellent campaign management and funding.

The author seems to bend over backwards to portray him with compassion, while exposing his shenanigans.

This well written, and researched, insightful, excellent, and fast-paced book is based on author’s on-site research for an assignment with regard to Rob Ford’s substance abuse stories.

She deserves a lot of credit for her thorough investigative work, and extra in-depth research while writing Crazy Town.

The careful documentation, and balanced writing show how well she succeeded in creating a unique book that deserves the attention of all city-dwellers in Canada and beyond, for no electorate should tolerate such behaviour from an elected official.

Her journalistic talent should be applauded, and the persistence of Toronto Star in pursuing Rob Ford, the elected mayor of the largest city in the country.

Crazy Town contains a lot of information about a large city, and how criminal elements function in modern times with all the electronic and telecommunications inventions.

Highly recommended.

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