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Book Review: The creative destruction of medicine.

This well researched book, based on wireless technology advances in the medical field in the U S A, deals with genomics and their convergence and explains how all will revolutionize this relentlessly growing field.

The North American population is aging, takes too many medications, and lives on unhealthy diets. The author maintains that modern technology will, if applied correctly and persistently at least solve part of the problem.

Elsewhere in the world medical technology may not work as efficiently, or even not at all.

First and foremost, North American medicine is based on profit, and because of it, advances are made and approved by government agencies quickly.

The narrative provides a good review of what was available two – three years ago, and could be used by medical practitioners. But all technology is fraught with potential problems in application. Considerable efforts and funds spent a few years ago by the government of Ontario, in Canada, to establish a network of data-sharing between hospitals and he medical community, never got off the ground despite enormous amounts of efforts and funds provided.

Some of the suggestions made by the good doctor may reduce costs, and cumbersome procedures.

One thing must be pointed out that the genetic make up of each individual determines whether or not a particular medicine will help or harm. Often, if not always, doctors write prescriptions without knowing any details of the genetic make up of the patient.

Here is a quote from the book: “ Doctors prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing.” Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire, about 255 years ago.

It is a good read for anyone involved in medicine, and all of us in the society where various ailments attack at a quick clip due to poor diet, sedentary professions, little exercise and too little knowledge of healthy living.

Highly recommended to everyone in North America and western developed countries.

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