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Book Review: Crow’s Landing.

The author was born and raised in Ontario. He has worked in a number of professions including farming; truck driving, teaching, maintenance mechanic, carpentry, insulating houses, and bartending.

The plot involves a mysterious steel cylinder that Virgil Cain, the main character of the novel, pulls up from the Hudson River.

While the news start circulating in the small local marina, a policeman of the town seizes both the boat and cylinder, on the grounds that it contains illegal drugs. Shortly after the seizure, the policeman retires with a plan to sell the contents and retire to Florida, but soon Virgil hooks up with Dusty, a single mother, who knows too much about the cylinder and its contents.

Soon the scene gets cluttered with crazy, and fearless Russian, another individual who claims ownership of the cylinder, and others in peripheral roles.

The language reflects the background of the author and contains a lot of information about cars and mechanics, the setting, and characters involved.

It is as fast-paced, interesting read for anyone who wants to know more how rural people think, live and act.

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