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Book Review: Crush

Paige Munroe, a war correspondent in Afghanistan, still has night mares about her partner photographer’s death while working in the war “theatre”.

Back in Canada, she is offered the opportunity to travel to Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, stay in several wineries, take photographs, and write a book to promote this incomparably beautiful wine region in western Canada.

While in the first winery, she becomes romantically involved with the winemakers and “smuggler” Nicholas Alder. She then starts investigating Nicholas’ activities, concluding that he is involved in illicit drug trafficking.

While all these activities were consuming her along with writing parts of the book, she attracts the attention of Simone, a ruthless owner of a multinational company, buying up small family-owned high-quality wineries.

Eventually, she becomes a victim of her overzealous investigations.

This well written, page turner, covers a lot of wine making and wine tasting ground along with descriptions, and fascinating information about vineyards for the wine enthusiast.

It is a gripping, “bubbly” read that described Okanagan Valley’s uniqueness, especially the part close to the American border, and Sonoran Desert.

Whether you are an avid wine consumer or a casual weekend drinker, you will be fascinated by Paige’s adventures.

Crush is a suspenseful, emotionally charged whodunit that will keep you guessing until the last page, and have you contemplating what could happen if her father, a retired policeman, had not taken precautionary measures to protect her.

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