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Book review: Cure back pain

More and more people suffer from back pain as a result of poor posture, sitting all the time in front of computers or performing clerical work, eating mostly processed, highly refined foods and failure to exercise on a regular basis.

All of the above accumulate over time, and result in mostly irreversible health problems.

The author, is kinesiologist, and specializes spinal training stating  that the pinal represents the true axis of the body. It is the most constructed one structure, and helps perform elaborate movements and stabilizes the body.

The book contains seven chapters of which four deal with the body, the spinal cord, and postures and how to overcome obstacles to start exercising.

The last three chapters are full of clearly displayed routines that require no equipment. In fact, the author, states that none of the heavily advertised exercise machines helps the spine.

His recommendations can be perform anywhere, in little space.

Routines he advocates seem to be simple, but all must be performed regularly, based on a plan.

This is book for everyone, not only people suffering from back pain.

Buy it, read it, understand the importance of the spinal cord, and follow the routines recommended for a healthy and pain free life.

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