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Book Review: A death in Italy

A few books have been written about the trial of the American girl, Amanda Knox in Perugia, province of Orvieto’s capital, with a population of approximately 168 000.

This informative book provides detailed information involving the murder of Meredith Kercher, an English student, studying Italian at University for Foreigners in Perugia. The reader must draw his/her conclusions on facts and observations of the author.

John Follain, and Oxford University graduate who speaks fluent Italian, succeeded in writing a chronological book about this now famous case that has captured the imagination of millions of Americans, British, Germans, and Italians.

It reveals how the Italian police, prosecution and judiciary work (slow and sloppy), including Italian culture.

In this case involving Amanda Knox, an American student from Seattle, Washington, Raffaele Sollicito, an Italian student, and Rudy, an African emigrant in Perugia, the prosecutor Mignini and investigating police forces are dealt with by means of interviews, court documents, personal observations, and media reports.

The reader is provided with sufficient information to draw conclusions, but no definitive verdict, as the whole case is based on circumstantial evidence and speculation.

This fast-paced text also provides sufficient information how different media in Italy, the Unites Kingdom, and the U S A treat criminal cases and court proceedings, but more importantly how young university students study little, spend a lot of time on peripheral entertainment, making love, and using recreational drugs.

You will learn how Italian forensic scientists work and present their conclusions.

The author wisely presents facts as available to him, from his interviews with the victims relatives, Amanda Knox`s parents, his observations of Italian police, and conversations with lawyers, and media, but offers no analysis.

The reader can decide who may have been the perpetrator of this heinous crime.

A captivating and well-written book on an internationally famous murder case.

Highly recommended.

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