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Book review: Deep Dark Chocolate.

Overflowing with irresistible recipes using bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate, cacao nibs, and beans, this book is a delight to read, and make use of the recipes it contains.

Do you know who invented milk chocolate: read page 14. This invention catapulted chocolate consumption to unprecedented heights. Still today, most chocolate consumers prefer milk chocolate to others, although the taste of dark and bittersweet chocolate is much more intense according to the author, and this reviewer.

Chocolate, if consumed in small quantities and regularly, offers health benefits, much like wine. Both should never be abused for they turn to “poison”.

In the chapter for chocolate terminology the author explains all details and meaning of frequently used terms like chocolate butter, chocolate liquor, cacao nibs, bloom, tempering, tirinitario, criollo, forastero, and white chocolate, to mention just a few.

The chapter on baking tips and deep dark chocolate secrets provides information about purchasing, melting, tempering, and what to do before attempting a recipe.

Many chocolate lovers who also like to bake will benefit from this book immensely. It is true that many, if not most people prefer to buy anything baked, but the truth is, baking gives satisfaction, the aromas emanating from the oven are absolutely delightful, and the art of baking is sensual.

This boo provides recipes that can be attempted easily by anyone with the right equipment, and a little interest in the subject matter.

There are recipes for cookies and brownies, cakes, pies, puddings, custards souffles, desserts, ice creams, breakfast pastries, small bites, and drinks, all containing chocolate.

This a chocolate lover’s book. (There are millions of chocolate aficionados and the number is increasing every passing year).

Thousands of people like to bake and this book will fill a gap.

Sara Perry is a columnist for the Oregonian and authored more than a dozen books, and the photographer France Ruffenach is renown for her artistic talent both in the U SA and elsewhere in teh world.

This book is not only a handy recipe reference, but also a source that can be consulted confidently whenever the need arises.

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