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Book Review: The Definitive Guide to Canadian Artisanal and Fine Cheese.

In the past decade Canadians started to appreciate cheese more than ever before. While there is an abundance of imported cheeses in large city specialized stores, artisan Canadian cheese offers a re restricted mostly by geography and size of artisan cheese makers. Yet young professionals seem to be very appreciative of fine cheese and are prepared to seek them regardless of cost and inconvenience.

Gurth pretty, a chef by trade, and appreciative of good food in general, decided to write a book on Canadian artisan cheeses This is a first and well-researched reference book to learn about cheese and source them.

The first 18 pages of the book deal with making cheese, types, storage and service.

Then the author outlines each province’s dairies specializing in cheese, the types they produce, address, and where these cheeses are sold.

He traveled extensively and visited most of the producers, obtaining first hand information about the operation, also about the creators of unique cheeses.

This book is invaluable for all cheese lovers, restaurateurs and chefs.

People who travel to France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands know how proud these countries are about their cheeses and local diners and tourists are constantly urged to finish their meal with a few pieces of local cheeses.

This book will go a long way towards encouraging restaurateurs and chefs to offer quality artisan Canadian cheeses.

It will also come in handy to all cheese lovers who like to discover new taste dimensions. They can use this book as a tourist gourmet cheese guide and I am sure some are doing it successfully.

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