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Book Review: Desperate Measures

The author has written an excellent mystery story, which anyone with an interest for such narrative will find very engaging.

She is a terrific writer with an uncanny ability to showcase her talent in developing engaging plots, and characters any reader would like to know more closely.

This is a classic, well-researched detective work that’s always welcome.

Who knew that hair grew 6`(15 cm.) a year, and could lead an experienced detective to conclude where the individual lived previously.

In this arresting novel, the plot is developing slowly with enough sub-plots to compel the reader to keep reading.

The most unexpected and surprising twists and the imaginative Jo Bannister who lives in Northern Ireland with a horse and dog, and likes to explore archeological sites masterfully presents turns in Desperate Measures.

The plot involves a happily married man turning desperate when Somali pirates kidnap his wife and two children. After several planned and staged events, and with the help of a young police officer on sick leave, and his dog, he returns to a regular way of life.

Towards the end, one after the other several unexpected events develop to astonish and upset him to no end.

Fortunately, the young police officer concerned about his well-being is astute enough to anticipate possibilities, discovers his whereabouts, and rescues him along with his children,

An absolutely masterful mystery well presented and well worth reading.

Highly recommended.

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