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Book review: Diet for a Hot Planet.

Anna Lappe follows up on her mother’s (Frances Lappe) Diet for a Small Planted book. This brilliant writer, the founding principal of the Small Planet Institute and the Small Plant Fund, set out to explain why and how humans must not be bystanders to the warming of the planet.

She goes into great detail to outline what we can do to minimize the harm we inflict on the environment by the type of food we consume and how we dress.

This extremely well researched book shows what we can do and must d to protect the future of humanity. She is not expounding on climate change, although it is important, but concentrating on what modern unbalanced and exploitative food production inflicts upon nature.

She has carefully researched what multinational American food production conglomerates do to maximize profits and how their unconscionable behaviour harms to the planet. It has been documented, for a long time now, how these companies hire illegal uninsured immigrants and pay minimum wage (occasionally even less) to maximize their profitability and pollute indiscriminately. They even buy up competitors and farms in developing countries imposing their “efficient” production techniques.

It is an absolute shame on humanity how some American food “manufacturers” (producers) rare chickens, pigs, and cattle.

The author has travelled far and wide to listen to erudite researchers and concludes that unhealthy food production contributes to a large extent to global climate change, and suggests, unlike other book, how each individual can help mitigate it.

In the end, to a large extent, what we produce and consumed represents more than 50 per cent of value created. If all farmers in the world were to adhere to natural principles of balanced agriculture, by only adapting to modern technology, then environment pollution would be minimized.

This is a groundbreaking book and highly recommended to all who are concerned about negative environmental changes that can be fully avoided by changing our eating habits. Vegetarians (for balancing their diets) and all who eat excessive amounts of meat should reads this valuable book, keep it on their bookshelves and study in detail form time to time.

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