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Book review: Inside of a Dog.

Inside of a Dog

(What dogs see smell and know)

The author is first and foremost a dog lover, second a scientist, and third an extraordinary and crisp writer.

She is an astute observer of animals in general, and dogs in particular. She has doctorate in cognitive science and teaches psychology at Barnard College, Columbia University.

In this seminal book, she takes the reader on a grand tour of the sensory systems of dogs and compares them to their human equivalents convincingly.

She has managed to write a memoir of her beloved dog Pumpernickel (she calls her Pump) and incorporated a lot of scientific knowledge made available in past decade although she presents many hypotheses as facts. Dog breeds are never absolutely and categorically `white or black`. She claims that dogs play more than wolves, but there is no substation of this claim anywhere. At best, we can say that the evidence is anecdotal.

Inside of a Dog is not a dog-training book, but a lovingly written summary of experiments, theories and hypotheses on the minds of dogs. It tries to explain how dog’s intelligence differs from that of a human, and how dog perceive their environment, at least in western industrialized countries.

In the Middle East and Far east, dogs may, and do display completely different characteristics due to their environment, as stated by a German behaviour scientist.

This is a fascinating book of details based on research conducted in the U.S.A.

A dog lover will learn that dogs differentiate between the old and new smells of the same thing, or their owners.

This is fun book to read, and provides a lot of information about dogs ad other animals hinting that still a lot must be learned about animal behaviour.

Such research can be conducted in economically developed countries.

All dog lovers and those who count dog lovers in their families and circles of friends should read it, and maybe even buy it for use as gift giving.

Inside of a Dog is A great book! A great read!

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