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Book review: Domaine Chandon Cookbook.

Domaine Chandon was one of the first Champagne style sparking wine producers to open a winery in the Napa valley, using the expertise developed over centuries by its owner Moet et Chandon from Champagne, France.

As the winery was being constructed, the manager had the idea to include a fine dining restaurant into the complex to showcase the wines of Domain Chandon. Jeff Morgan, a famous American food and wine writer was so enthused by the quality of service, food, and food presentation, that he decided to write a book about one his favourite restaurants in the region. The book includes several chapters on the history of Domaine Chandon in the Napa valley, matching food and wine, cocktails and appetizers, salads and soups, pastas and grains, seafood, poultry and meats, desserts, and tips and techniques.

There are close to 100 recipes that can be produced by any amateur with a desire to learn more about technique and food presentations.

The photography is exemplary and will help the reader improve his/her food presentation techniques.

Hopefully, readers interested in experiencing a memorable meal will decide to visit the Napa valley and also the Etoile.

In addition to such an experience he/she will have an opportunity to learn about sparkling wine production using the methode champenoise.

This is delightful book, well-written, comprehensive, beautifully laid out, with extraordinary pictures that deserves to be in the library of all who like good food.

Highly recommended!

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