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Book Review: I Got My Dream Job and so Can You.

The author created a book that can help every high school graduate who decides to work or serve as an apprentice to learn a profession, but the main thrust of this opus is the university or college graduate. Pete Leibman discusses the reasons for ignoring high school counsellor’s advice when it comes to choosing ac career path. He claims most to be ignorant of `real world requirements to be successful.

The first part of the book deals with how to decide what you want to do and how to prepare your self for your `dream job`.

The advice provided to `network` and disciplined, methodical approach is invaluable in landing a job but especially the `dream job`.

Many examples that can be used as templates are provided.

The style of writing is fluid, easy to comprehend and straight forward.

The second part defines the concept of “excellence”, how to perform once you get the job you wanted, including “10 commandments for concrete confidence”.

He advocates, rightly, starting work a little earlier and leaving a little later than the regular shifts require. This is an excellent advice, as supervisors notice such behaviour, and reward you accordingly.

Pete Leibman recommends also that you exercise regularly, and maintain your physical ad mental health both of which will help you perform better.

Overall this is an invaluable book for all young people starting their career, be it at a college, or university, or apprenticeship and fro those who lost their jobs due to a shift in skill demand or downsizing.

The world economy is changing now faster than in the past, and more changes will inevitably come soon making it even more difficult for older people to be gainfully employed. The advices in this book will help in finding suitable jobs and/or to change careers midstream.

Every young or old potential employee should read this book not once, but several times, and apply the principles it recommends.

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