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Book Review: Driven.

Robert Harjavec, an immigrant from Croatia, become rich when he grew up, went to university, started working and eventually opened his own business. In his youth he worked in different industries from food service, to computer distribution, collection agencies, and others.

In this book he tells about his life, beliefs, philosophies, and how to succeed in building a large, thriving company.

Undoubtedly, he has been successful because of this work ethics, drive, and business acumen acquired through experiences working for others.

In this book composed of 50 segments, he provides useful tips for business success, although many are common to managers running North American corporations.

His success comes form his ability to select, hire and motivate employees who are stimulated as he is in becoming successful in what they do.

Robert Herjavec believes that he, as the owner of the company, must manager the enterprise with good planning, and foresight well into the future.

He also explains that successful entrepreneurs recognize when market conditions start to change, and plan the future accordingly.

His advice is both generic and specific in that while a lot of managers discovered the important principles of modern management, in his case much of the success is derived from his intense belief that you must constantly monitor the financial health of the company and market conditions.

Being successful today requires planning for the future if you want your enterprise to be in business for generations.

This is an easy read, but occasionally not cohesive due to segments unrelated to one another.

It is a fast-paced book and for young entrepreneurs, or students with “fire in their bellies” to become successful entrepreneurs.

An excellent book to read for motivation, and to learn how to build a viable enterprise.

Recommended for all small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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