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Book Review: Duffy

Mike Duffy, born and bred in Prince Edward Island where the confederation was born, was once a famous broadcaster, TV program host, and later appointed senator by Prime Minister Steven Harper.

At the time of his appointment, he was the highest paid TV personality, but he accepted the much lower pay of a senator.

There is no doubt that official made him concessions to augment his income as he is known to have been accustomed to fine food and alcoholic beverages.

Veteran journalist Dan Leger tells the story of Mike Duffy in this extremely well researched and detailed book, his rise to fame and inexorable slide into disgrace.

This well written and flowing narrative covers not only Mike Duffy, but also how the Canadian senate was created and works.

The rules are vague at best, and open to interpretation. Senate staff prefers not to question senators’ submitted expenses, unless someone starts asking questions.

On November 5 2013 the senate voted to suspend without pay three Canadian conservative-appointed senators – M. Duffy, P. Wallin, and P. Brazeau.

Of the three, M. Duffy gained most notoriety, and before the book was published and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) investigation charged him with over 200 financial breaches.

Nothing has been proven in court, but the negative publicity of Duffy and the conservative government have gripped the entire population.

The conservative garment may loose the next election if the case goes to court before it is called.

This is an excellent book written by a veteran journalist, and which every political junkie, all politicians and interested people should read, and refer to it from time to time.

Highly recommended.

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