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Book Review: Eastern Europe.

This voluminous book covers 21 countries from the Czech republic in the west to Russia in the east, and all the Balkan countries.

While many writers were involved, the format for each country was kept uniform and contains adequate information for the casual traveller wishing spend a few days in each.

It is a good planning tool to select and book accommodation.

Every important detail is covered, in sufficient detail to advise the traveller about a “country” called Transdniestr located between Moldova and Ukraine. This sliver of land claims to be independent state on land grabbed with the help of Russia, from Moldova in 1990’s.

While travelling from Moldova to Ukraine, the traveller must pass through their “territory” and border guards are quick to shake down unsuspecting western tourists. In reality, you can obtain an entry permit at minimal cost. Some border guards supposedly insist that a VISA is necessary but it is absolutely not true. If you can help it, avoid the crossing from Bendery in Moldova to Pervomaisc on the Ukrainian side. This advice alone is worth the cost of the book!

If you are planning to explore one country in depth, the information on that country in

this book may be insufficient, but for smaller jurisdictions (say Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo) it is very adequate.

The short introduction of language of each country in form of short everyday usage vocabulary and sentences is very valuable. What the tourist must try to remember is pronounce words correctly without the accent of their own language.

Recommended for travellers planning to visit several East European or Balkan countries in two or three weeks.

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