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Book Review: Eat Raw, Eat Well.

Most people visualize carrot sticks, salads, and celery stalks when they hear the words “raw food”.

Raw food has its place in a regular diet, and if you decide to eat only raw food, you live well and lead a healthy life.

Cooking, especially at high temperatures and for a long time, diminishes the nutritional value of ingredients and changes their texture unfavourably.

The author, a chef, has created many delicious vegan, raw, and gluten-free recipes, and states that since he decided to become a “raw food enthusiast”, he has lost a considerable amount of eight, his skin acquired a healthy glow, and he feels generally more energetic.

Doug McNish believes that many of the valuable enzymes in food remain intact if you consume them raw.

According to him, food exposed to temperatures than

118 F ( 50 C) loses valuable nutrients

Eating exclusively raw food requires only a few pieces of kitchen equipment, a dehydrator, and food processor.

No need for a range and oven.

Raw food preparation requires more careful planning and shopping.

Recipes Are neatly divided into breakfast, dips and spreads, soups, salads and dressings, sauces and condiments, main courses, small plates, snacks, breads and desserts.

Each recipe comes with tips to facilitate work and provides information about a technique with which you may be unfamiliar.

A chapter on buying raw ingredients, and online sources for certified raw products concludes the book.

Once you decide to become a “raw foodie”, you will benefit from the information ands recipes contained in this voluminous book, but if you want to continue your omnivorous diet you can still benefit using the recipes. The salad and dip recipes are not only appealing, but delicious, and can be refrigerated for a few days.

Highly recommended.

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