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Book review: Economics an A to Z Guide.

It is surprising how little the general public knows about financial markets, interest rates, yield curves, equities, bonds, and the economy in general.

In this concise book, Matthew Bishop provides in-depth information about everything one should know as an investor, or an individual living in a modern society.

Economics affect everyone, and the more you know how economics change the better financial decisions you can make.

The first 12 pages explain what economics strands for, and how economists are changing their interpretations and definitions.

It is, contrary to many beliefs, not an exact science, and open to all kinds of theories.

Some call economics “the science of choices”, others “the study of society uses its scarce resources”, and Ronald Reagan described it as “people, who see something work in practice and wonder if it would work in theory”.

You want to something about “arbitrage” (page 24); or the difference between average, median and mode (30); basis point (37); bonds (41); interest rates (173); J. M Keynes (179) or the Kondratieff Wave (181), all you have to do is read the author’s succinct explanation. Everything you might want to know about finance is explained from A to Z.

This is a book to read, and keep as a reference.

When people accumulate wealth, they start to realize that it must be managed for it to grow, or at least to maintain its value or purchasing power.

This book will help you do just that!

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