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Book Review: The Elements of Dessert.

Francisco Migoya, an accomplished pastry chef with a brilliant career, and now professor at the Culinary Institute Of America, takes a unique and very successful approach to a dessert book.

It is a well researched, fact based, detailed and presented book that ought to be in the library of every ambitious pastry chef, all culinary students, and individuals interested in baking and dessert production.

He begins with pre-desserts, then proceeds with plated desserts, dessert buffets, and passed-around sweets, discussing all the advantages and disadvantages of each in both production and service.

The only problem with this exemplary pastry book is that the pictures are separated from recipes, which takes time for the reader to locate.

The photography is highly professional, appealing, and masterful.

Some recipes Mr. Migoya offers are certainly “adventurous”, if not “futuristic”.

Think bacon ice cream, Quebec maple syrup-flavoured kadaifi, or brown butter panna cotta. To a traditionalist, all may appear like anathema, but the “liberated” gourmet or gourmand may welcome all and even cherish them. It is a matter of mental taste evolution.

One can easily classify this exemplary pastry book as “everything you ever wanted to know about fine pastry production, from flour quality and characteristics, to butter, eggs, recipes, blending, creaming, custards, meringues, presentation and advanced techniques is here.

The book contains so much more than pastries, it even explains how you can produce your own chocolate from cocoa beans.

Highly recommended.

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