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Book Review: The Enlightened Cyclist.

Commuting by bike is now (at least in warmer North American cities) fashionable. Even in Yew York City or Toronto there are hardy enough cyclists to commute throughout the year, not to speak of bike delivery messengers.

Fresh-faced cyclists fill to roads, but also encounter their fair share of careless, even warlike motorists, pedestrians, or even aggressive fellow cyclists.

One way of solving the majority of such problems is to build bicycle path, as many northern European countries have done, but this is expensive undertaking, and in many North American metropolitan downtowns, nearly impossible.

Eben Weiss, aka Bike Snob NYC, a very talented humorous writer who is also a cycle enthusiast approaches cyclist-problems with humour and occasionally snark articles.

In his narrative he explains the meaning of special jargon words like “salmoning” among others and cautions all biking enthusiasts that they must ride their two-wheelers cautiously, protecting themselves and their fellow road users.

He explores the possibility of whether by becoming better commuters we can become better people.

This is a must read for all pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists to understand the mentality and behaviour of all participants in our daily transportation activities and problems.

The Enlightened Cyclist is sardonic in tone, but very enjoyable, airy and fun to read that contains a lot of relevant information, but also a good portion of “bile” accumulated over time. Riding in New York City.

Very well conceived and written for every commuter everywhere, including the Netherlands, Belgium, northern Germany and Denmark, where commuting is a popular mode of transportation.

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