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Book review: Entertaining in the Raw.

Approximately 2 – 3 per cent of the North American population prefers to eat mostly raw food. A raw “foodist” is an individual, who, 75 – 100 per cent of the time, eats food raw. This can be salads cold soups prepared from scratch, desserts, cheese or fruit.
Raw food proponents define raw as plant food not heated above 115 F (46 C) and proteins 40 C (104F).

According to their way of thinking, valuable nutrients are lost above these temperatures. It is true that heat kills some nutrients, but it is also true that it makes mastication easier, and kills pathogenic bacteria not speaking of rendering digestion faster and easier. There are even fruitarians, who survive by eating nothing but fruits.

There is no book offering ideas about how to best combine fruits and nuts for fruitarians.

Matthew Kenney was trained in classical cooking, but after a few years in the profession he had his epiphany to devote his time to invent and experiment with raw food and ultimately write a book to immortalize his recipes.

The book is divided into the following chapters: Blossom, Contemporary, Inspiration, Spice, Radiance, Revolution and Meaningful. This alone shows his vivid imagination.

Raw food recipes cannot be created without a vivid imagination.

But more importantly there is no need for expensive equipment. All you need is a counter top blender, and a dehydrator to reduce water content to preserve food.
Raw food recipes contain nuts for texture and to provide protein, and there are many in this book requiring almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios just to name a few.

The photography by Miha Matei is commendable and will help a great deal towards presentation of your creations.

Matthew Kenney starts every section with a quote to lead into the text, which, at least to my mind, is a nice way to combine thoughts.

Entertaining in the Raw is recommended for all who like to cook and entertain. It may be of use to cutting edge chefs trying to titillate the palates of discriminating diners.

Highly recommended!

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