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Book Review: The Facilitator’s Fieldbook.

Facilitators represent an important segment of all types of industries and organizations, which need new ideas or innovations in production, marketing, products, and to inspire employees.

This voluminous book full of charts and diagrams explains how to present information effectively and organize processes to ensure that group time spent is as productive as possible.

In every small and large company in the developed world, meetings take up considerable time. Many business owners regard meeting as wasted time, which is true, but only if the meeting or seminar happens to be poorly structured and conducted.

Facilitators organize all types of seminars in such ways to be as productive as possible.

This book is an excellent reference for any facilitator and those who want to practise the craft.

It contains great ideas for an icebreaker, specific problem scenarios, is user-friendly, and full of valuable information about room set ups for brainstorming sessions.

Highly recommended.

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