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Book Review: Fall From Grace.

The author, a lawyer turned writer, has created a psychological thriller that keeps the reader on tenterhooks to find out what the following page will reveal.

The narrative is studded with a lot of psychological observations, and sailing jargon. He seems to possess a penchant for psychology and must be an avid sailor to know so much about the sport.

The plot, a famous, rich and philistine writer is dead, and his appointed executor of will, (Adam) must entangle several mysteries, moves apace, and readers learn gradually more about the characters (Carla Pacelli, his lover who is pregnant with his child, Jenny Leigh with whom he had a relation, his wide Clarice, his brother, Adam, his son and appointed executor of his will, and teddy, an another son who is gay).

The beauty of this novel is that everything evolves gradually page after page in a logical but unexpected fashion.

This forces the reader to keep reading to discover the next tidbit. Was the death of Ben Blain, the famous writer and accident? Or was it a suicide? Or was it murder?

The question is not answered until the very end.

R. Patterson uses flashbacks to times and events to provide more background information about all the characters very successfully to keep up the interest,

Fall From Grace is a terrific mystery, and the psychoanalysis of all characters is fascinating and most likely the result from his law practice.

The style is full of legal jargon but flows beautifully to keep the reader reading.

Highly recommended.

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