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Book review: Far to Go.

Far to Go is an emotion evoking book for all who have experienced similar situations as explained in the narrative.

It sheds light on what the Nazi regime of the Third Reich under Hitler, and how it proceeded to achieve its objective.

Far to Go is a book that shows how cruel human begins can be, and destroy one another in the most despicable ways imaginable.

It reminds me of the pogroms the Ottoman Empire under the guidance and planning of Talat pasha, who was responsible for the execution of a great number (one-and-a-half million), Armenians. It was done in a more cruel and inhuman way.

Far to Go, Alison Pick is fast paced, full of suspense, moving, and unique. It is a page-turner to learn techniques used by so called “cultured and sophisticated” people and their “brainwashed” army officers.

Alison Pick’s style is clean, crisp, and unencumbered. She cerates “moments” that are both lovely and frightening.

The author has a knack for narrative, and has researched content very well for this haunting story.

In the millennia of the human existence, many man-made pogroms have occurred, and one would hope that history teaches us how to avoid the repetition of such unspeakably cruel acts, yet there is no guarantee that such cruelty won’t happen in the future. Think of Tutsis and Hutus, the recent war in Iraq and how the rights and security of the minority who lived there for millennia were compromised.

The only way we can try to prevent them from occurring is by studying history, and be constantly alert about political developments, and what Alison Pick has tried to accomplish in this book.

Highly recommended!

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