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Book Review: The Fine Print.

The author, David Cay Johnston, an investigative award-winning reporter created a long awaited and much needed, book that all consumers of big companies must read.

These companies have managed to persuade lawmakers by means of lobbyists and donating to politicians running for office to write laws that benefit them immensely.

Only BNSF rail must be used by ant American farmer shipping his produce and the company charges two-and-a-half to four times more fro comparable distances.

Also, large utility companies rake in huge profits using loopholes in corporate tax law.

Even Berkshire Hathaway, a very profitable holding company uses corporate law loopholes that have been written into the law using lobbyists at great expense upfront, but the payback over time is huge.

After reading this highly informative book, every American consumer will understand how politics works and the cost to any taxpayer and service user.

Cable companies have successfully created oligopolies by using lobbyists and buying up small service providers to jack up prices later. The consumer has simply no choice, and the U S attorney general fails to break up any of these companies.

Even, if successfully attempted, after the break up these very companies will repeat the process again.

Banks and `near banks` are treated preferentially. If they are near bankruptcy or bankrupt, the government bails them at out at great expense to taxpayers with the arguable claim that they are needed for the financial well being of the country. If a small company near bankruptcy or is bankrupt, here is absolutely no chance for it for a bail out. The simple reason for this preferential treatment of banks is that they contribute to election campaigns generously and to both parties.

This author has been able to elevate The Fine Print to the status of a `thriller` by exposing their `tricks` to overcharge, and for insurance companies to delay legitimate court-ordered claim settlements or court-ordered payments.

It is a thought provoking and highly enlightening must read for anyone living in an industrialized western country, particularly the USA.

Highly recommended.

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