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Book Review: The Firebird

Nicola works for a respectable London art dealer who specializes in Russian art. She possesses a special gift and ahs the ability to identify artwork that is not unauthentic.

While on duty a woman approaches her with a the claim that a wooden cross she owns was a gift to her family by Catherine the Great who ruled Russia for a long period.

She claims to be poor and is in need for funds. She wants to sell the family heirloom. This touches Nicola sufficiently to enlist the help of an ex-boyfriend with psychic abilities.

She implores Rob (her ex-boyfriend) to travel with her in an attempt to authenticate the cross.

First, the pair travels to Belgium to visit a nunnery, then Russia

S. Kearsley’s prose is accomplished, engrossing, and enthralling.

In this novel, two stories alternate between historical fiction and “modern” romance.

The plot is engaging and the characters are well described to capture the imagination of the reader from the title page to the end.

The research backing this historical novel is deep and very interesting.

Highly recommended.

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