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Book Review: Something Fishy


Something fishy
(A Shores Mystery)
Hilary McLeod
Acorn Press, Charlottetown, P.E.I
310 pages,

The author is a former journalist, broadcaster, and professor of media studies. She devotes her free time to think about murder mysteries.

Something Fishy is set on a remote village in Price Edward Island.

One day, herrings started falling from the sky over the village, startling the population.

After a few days, local P.E.I newspapers explain the “phenomenon”. Meanwhile, a newcomer, Anton Paradis, opens a restaurant specializing in “dangerous” dining, serving food that can kill if not expertly handled. One such food is puffer fish that Japanese adventurous gourmets love.

It may be poisonous if not properly handled. Japanese chefs specialized in handling in the preparation of puffer fish must serve an apprenticeship of seven years and be certified before practicing.

This fast-paced book successfully describes how small-town folks think and behave.

The local Mountie (RCMP) suspects that a death in Anton Paradis’s restaurant is not an accident, but cannot prove her suspicion.

The author blends the dark and light sides of human behaviour, foibles, and tragedy, successfully.

A fin mystery to read.

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